Green Care Environmental Solutions

Green Care Environmental Solutions

Are you receiving qualified service and

advice on your chemical waste streams ?

What are prescribed wastes?
Wastes generated from commercial or industrial sources that are highly odorous or potenitally hazardous to humans or the environment and require a higher level of control.

As such they are regulated by various state EPA bodies in Australia.

Services offered by Greencare:

All materials are handled in accordance with the waste hierarchy and in compliance with EPA regulations.

Source reduction - recycling - Input material substitution - treatment - sorting

Treatment – We can supply on site or off site treatment solutions
Disposal – Offer alternative recycling disposal options where possible
Reduction – We can reduce your prescribed waste volumes via a number of mechanisms

EPA hazard classification of prescribed waste
We provide consultancy services for waste streams requiring EPA hazard classification. Do you have
a waste stream that can be reclassified to a lower level?

Prescribed waste requires regulatory compliance. We can provide advice on any compliance requirements.

Reports can be collated according to your requirements.