Green Care Environmental Solutions

Green Care Environmental Solutions

Are you receiving qualified service and

advice on your chemical waste streams ?

Recycling allows lower waste disposal costs, diversion from landfill and helps clean up your site.
Your business saves money & carbon emissions. Possible treatment costs & landfill disposal are avoided. Virgin natural resources are also saved. We can provide your business with materials recycling solutions to suit your needs.

We can provide a general waste & recycling audit on your site to determine
alternatives available.

• Reduce waste disposal costs
• Site clean up
• Reduce carbon pollution
• Save resources

  • GCE Environmental management for waste reduction!

    Our full service management ensures your waste recycling and disposal activities:

    • Runs smoothly
    • Maximises recycling
      potential and returns
    • Reduces landfill
    • Complies with legislation
    • Educate staff
    • Provide full reporting
      and analysis
GreenCare can recycle the following materials:

Fluorescent globes & tubes Fluorescent globes & tubes
Contain mercury and should be recycled at all times. All parts of the tube are recycled: glass, aluminium & other metals, plastic and mercury containing phosphor powder.

Batteries Batteries
Disposal of batteries to landfill leads to leaching of various toxic substances including mercury and lead. Batteries recycled include Nickel Cadmium, lead acid and lithium. We can design a collection service to suit your business.

Timber & wood
We are able to recycle most wooden pallets and timber packaging you may have on site.

Plastics Plastics
We can recycle HDPE & PET plastics and have recycling options for less readily recyclable plastics such as LDPE & mixed plastics.



Cardboard & paper

Recycling of selected waste solvents can save disposal costs and provide cost effective virgin
solvent alternatives.