Green Care Environmental Solutions

Green Care Environmental Solutions

Are you receiving qualified service and

advice on your chemical waste streams ?

Green Care Environmental Solutions provides innovative solutions to your chemical waste disposal needs.
We specialize in difficult to handle waste streams, identify recycling opportunities, innovative treatment options & can assist with EPA issues.

  • Do you have difficult to handle or hazardous chemical waste streams ?

    We supply innovative and unique solutions to difficult problems

    • Develop alternative
      treatment options.
    • Reclassify waste
    • Hazardous clean ups
    • Chemical identification
We specialise in the transport, handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals. All chemical waste is handled according to EPA regulations.

• Hazardous chemicals (solvents, corrosives, pesticides, biological, cyanides, laboratory, oxidisers, resins, pcb’s , pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, etc)
• Bulk Liquid waste
• Solid waste (including contaminated soils)

Chemical & Liquid Waste chemicals are assessed and treated according to chemical type & the EPA waste hierarchy. Treatment options include – Recycling, Energy Recovery, Bioremediation, Chemical Treatment, Prescribed waste landfill, Incineration Plasma arc incineration

GreenCare offers an ongoing and comprehensive chemical advice service to all of our customers. Issues relating to EPA, chemical or waste handling, storage, hazards or disposal can be discussed at any time. Our fully trained and qualified staff possess a vast range of knowledge and experience in all chemical areas.