Green Care Environmental Solutions

Green Care Environmental Solutions

Do you have a carbon strategy
for the “New Carbon Economy” ?

Green Care Environmental Solutions utilises proprietary technologies for remediation of Heavy metals and hydrocarbons in contaminated soils and solids. The use of this technology allows in-situ treatment reducing bottom line and carbon costs. We can supply real solutions rather than traditional unsustainable “dig & dump” operations.

  • Make your project carbon neutral

    A ‘carbon neutral’ remediation project can turn an often negative process into a positive spin. Our project management team will minimize carbon emissions during the project. We can also offer selected carbon offsets for the remediation project and for any future disposal emissions.
Project development
We can develop a remediation project from the ground up including project scope, contaminant treatment solutions, EPA classification & compliance. We also offer services to ensure your project is completed as ‘carbon neutral’.

Project implementation
Your project will be completed in an efficient manner
& in compliance with all regulatory authorities. Safe environmental work practices are adhered to, ensuring safety of all personnel & the surrounding environment. Appropriate equipment and technologies are used at all times. Technologies available include - Heavy Metals and Hydrocarbons: Remediation of Heavy metals and hydrocarbons in contaminated soils and solids. Heavy metals are immobilized to a non-bioavailable form. Treatment of acid sulphate soils is also possible.